A tile-flipping puzzle game for Android and iOS

A unique, addictive, tile-flipping puzzle game. Puzzle your way though hundreds of levels, including brand new levels every day!

Flip all the tiles on the board so that they are right side up, using only a few specific tile patterns. Right Side Up draws cues from games such as Lights Out! and Tetris, but features a brand-new style of puzzle gameplay.


  • 150 free levels, plus 10 new free levels each day
  • Natural smooth control scheme: drag to position, tap to flip
  • Complex patterns and rotations add new dimensions to gameplay
  • 11 themes with unique colors and sounds
  • Endless fun with billions of possible levels
  • Think about what moves are possible with a given pattern: not all patterns can reach the corners of a board
  • Making a first guess can be surprisingly helpful if you are stuck
  • In rotation levels, patterns may begin in the correct orientation, or they may require up to 3 rotations
  • Some levels have multiple solutions